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with an exclusive team for TikTok and Snapchat, the French newspaper produces journalistic content in the platform's own language

Le Monde

examples of Le Monde tiktoks


Le Monde


This publication had 1.3 million views (04.20.2020), a high number for the Le Monde account. The video deals with the format of video game controls, telling why the PlayStation 1 model has a revolutionary design.

In addition to the dynamic editing and captivating narration of the presenter, there are other details that enrich the video: instead of just inserting images, the journalist showed her own video game controls; there is a picture frame with a photo of the designer to which the video refers; and subtle image effects convey an aspect of virtuality, reminiscent of the world of games.


Le Monde


"Why is everyone sending probes to Mars now?"

The contextual bias proposed by Le Monde translates well into this tiktok. The journalist first shows different recent headlines about sending probes to Mars. Then, he explains what is behind all these materials, with a model consisting of a cardboard and an orange.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The video contextualizes the news; makes the viewer curious; and clarifies a complex topic using simple instruments.


Le Monde


The video provides a creative solution for translating data into an audiovisual format.

In that case, the graph in question had a markedly higher figure than the others. To mark this contrast, the journalist drew the graph on the wall, having to take the elevator to the second floor to draw this specific data.

you are in: case studies > Le Monde

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