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forms of use

of TikTok that make sense for news media

Mulher no celular

4. education


These are videos that promote the fight against fake news or that clarify the journalists' journalistic activities.

Navegando no celular



fake news

Le Monde


The journalist analyzes a post that has been running on different social media, in which the "alkaline diet" is said to help protect against Covid-19.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Part by part, she explains why the information in the post is misleading. For this, it uses illustrative resources - as an indicator of acidity that changes color; a red pen to cross out the message; in addition to the garlic and lemon themselves, recommended in the diet.

Entrevista de mídia

to do


Any videos that not only show the behind the scenes of the work in the newsroom, but that, in doing so, also clarify some aspect of journalistic production.



One of the main anchors of the German news channel Das Erste takes a short tour of some of the newsrooms, including the studio where he presents the Tagesschau newspaper.

We are a family owned and operated business.

An interesting aspect is the participation of a journalist from outside the social media team. Especially in television newspapers, there is a personal appreciation of the public for journalists who appear on the scene - and a consequent demand for content with these characters.

you are in: forms of use > 4. media education

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