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La Nación


a journalist makes reference to reports already published by the newspaper, using signs and simple background image effects


examples of tiktoks from La Nación


La Nación


The tiktoks of La Nación, in general, show that it is not necessary to perform audiovisual acrobatics to produce an engaging video.

In this example, journalist Sofía Altuna uses narrative resources appropriate to the platform: a quick hook at the beginning of tiktok to hold the user's attention; dynamic transitions and cuts to make the video move; background images, with the green background tool; and a song that evokes suspense, appropriate to the theme treated.

There is also an interlocution mark with the audience at the end: "If it were possible to visit the island ... would you go?". Several of the comments in the publication are in response to this question, which increases the engagement of the video and strengthens the link of the followers with the page.


La Nación

The video follows a common narrative pattern in La Nación's TikTok, which consists of the presence of a journalist adapting some material published on the newspaper's website. To make this translation from the text format to the TikTok format, the presenter chose the most relevant points of the article; mentioned data and research present in the text; and talked about the status of the bill at the moment.

We are a family owned and operated business.

* In the video, there is an interesting narrative resource to introduce new information, which is the use of questions. The presenter asks a question that she will answer herself, subtly simulating a dialogue with herself. When it includes possible followers' doubts in the video, it also indirectly includes the followers themselves.


La Nación

Among the resources used by the video, which deals with possible changes to the constitution of Chile, are: green fund; presence of presenter; image of the news on the website; hook phrase in the first 3 seconds; high music (80K + videos);

We are a family owned and operated business.

Other issues: the narrative opts for a contextual bias in the news, resuming the protests that occurred in the previous year to explain the news now. In addition, explain two possible development scenarios of what happened. Thus, he is able to talk about a current topic, but without losing its meaning to someone who watches him weeks after the date of publication.

you are in: case studies > La Nación

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