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common challenges

that newspapers encounter when they join TikTok

gestão de comunidade

December 4th


Some aspects of community management on TikTok are the same as other networks. Responding to comments on posts is an example - be it questions about the topic of the video or relaxed comments.

Another common technique is to leave interlocution marks on the video. From punctual speeches, such as "follow us for more news" or "comment what you think about this subject"; even narrative features, like "if your allergies have returned, you already know what it means: spring has started".

what changes...

TikTok still has few features that allow the newspaper to interact directly with users (such as polls and question boxes on other social networks).

We are a family owned and operated business.

But it is possible to interact through the video production itself: some vehicles ask for suggestions of themes for future content, or show some possibilities for the agenda and ask users to decide, through comments, which one will be made.

* Tip for improvising a poll: the newspaper itself makes a comment announcing the poll, fixing it at the top of the publication. Then write each of the alternatives in response to the comment. The answer that is most liked by users will be the winner.

Another possibility for dialogue is to create a video in response to a comment that has been made in other publications, incorporating the comment in the new video.

Thus, the public realizes that their participation is significant for the newspaper, since their comment may even be the basis for new content. This encourages more people to comment and interact with the account, strengthening the community of followers and feeding back the ranking of the videos.


It is also possible to hold lives in the app, interacting live with the followers through the comments in the broadcast. One idea is to let the live be entirely guided by the comments themselves, transforming viewers into essential agents for the realization of the content.

We are a family owned and operated business.

One idea is to bring guests to interact with the public - including journalists from other areas of the newspaper who can answer questions and talk more about the area in which they work.

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