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the newspaper uses the network as a brand building tool, showing the daily life in the newsroom and creating identification between readers and journalists

Journal of Record

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examples of tiktoks from Jornal da Record


Journal of Record


On television, we don't see the anchors rushing to the bench before presenting the news - let alone saying that they want to finish quickly to watch the reality show A Fazenda in the sequence, Record's entertainment program. The reference to another channel program is a smart brand strategy, inviting viewers to learn about another channel product.

In addition, the video deconstructs the unshakable figure of the news anchor, humanizing the journalist and, indirectly, the newspaper itself.


Journal of Record


The tiktok brings journalist Evelyn Bastos, a correspondent for Jornal da Record in the United States, in a well-known scenario from the movie Rocky Balboa. Once again, there is a humanization of the figure of the journalist, showing a spontaneous side that does not appear on the news.

The video also briefly displays the reporter's bag of equipment on the floor, bringing a "behind the camera" side of the recording scene.


Journal of Record


There is a curiosity among readers and viewers about what happens in the newsroom's internal environment - especially in the case of news programs, which broadcast a limited part of the studios on television.

In many of your videos, Jornal da Record's TikTok seeks to meet this curiosity, portraying the day-to-day in the newsroom.

The purpose of the video in question is specifically this: to show the followers of the account what the newspaper's scenario is like, investing in the relationship between the newspaper and the community of TikTok followers.

you are in: case studies > Jornal da Record

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