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forms of use

of TikTok that make sense for news media

Here, you will find some ways for the use of TikTok by news media. These divisions were made from the consumption of hundreds of videos from newspaper accounts that are already on the network. The idea is that they serve not only to identify content that already exists, but also to show possible ways of using the platform for new journalistic publications.

The forms of use are grouped into 4 general areas : extension of other newspaper content; creation of targeted content; brand building; and media education.

Different newspapers will have different goals in TikTok, which is directly reflected in the format and content of the videos that will be produced. But it is important that these goals are clear to the news team. If they are not, the result may be the creation of content that does not make sense with the newspaper's values - that is, they are a waste of the journalist's time and the resources invested by the institution.

Stack of Newspapers




Quando o conteúdo faz referência a outras produções do jornal — seja as adaptando para a linguagem do TikTok, ou chamando o público para ver o produto completo

Desenhando digital

2. Creating targeted content

Produção de novos conteúdos especificamente para o TikTok, feitos a partir da gramática da rede


3. construction


São conteúdos que não tem a função de informar, e sim de inserir e moldar a imagem do jornal no imaginário do público

Mulher no celular


Vídeos que promovem o combate a fake news ou que contam sobre o fazer jornalístico dos repórteres

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